One Plane Golf Swing: Is It for You?

When you are attempting to the master for one plane golf swing tips, it can be helpful to know just what it is that you are trying to accomplish. The one plane swing is a technique where you are attempting a single (imaginary) line swing, where there is a solitary plane of movement around the body all the way through the down and back swings. This is essentially a “flat” swing.


Using training aids is a wonderful way to successfully perpetuate the one plane swing because they put you in the proper position for the swing. Showing you the right positions and how to address the ball will keep you on the right track to a perfect game. When you are further from the ball as you are with the one plane swing, you need to have the perfect angels to ensure proper delivery. Seeing the differences such as that the left arm (for a right handed golfer) moves behind the trunk during the one plane swing can really showcase the correct approach.

Downswing and Follow

Rotating your body during the transition to the downswing is vital to nailing this pivotal move.  If you can keep the rotation of your body moving all throughout the impact it will allow your lead arm as well as your shoulder to get the full release of the impact. With flat footing of your trail foot you can stop thrusting the shot and thus pulling the ball. On the follow through if you keep turning to the left you can maintain the same swing arc through and through.


you are a rigid player, the single plane swing may not be your best bet when you are going for the win. The single plane swing tends to work best with players that are very flexible, athletic and are seemingly very comfortable with using just the hands and arms as their primary source of movement. If you aren’t sure if this is the right type of swing for you, try grasping your club like a hockey club and bending over and shooting it like a puck. If that feels fairly natural to you, then the
one plane swing fundamentals are good fit.

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